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VM3 Environmental Inc. is a forefront leader in the indoor environmental inspection and sampling industry. Since 2005, our inspectors have performed over 6,500+ inspections throughout the San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles County area..

Our ACAC Council Certified Residential Microbial Inspectors CDPH Lead Inspectors / Risk Assessors and DOSH Certified Asbestos Consultants possess the breadth of experience and knowledge when it concerns the art of identifying and assessing mold, lead paint, bacteria and allergens and its relation to a healthy, indoor air environment.

At VM3 Environmental Inc., we are committed to providing the highest level of service to each client. We accomplish this daily by providing thorough, accurate and honest evaluations of each property we inspect. Our written reports are prompt, detailed and provide a comprehensive analysis of each individual situation.

VM3 Environmental Inc. proudly serves San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange counties.