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As the cost of doing business continues to rise and the call for social responsibility grows it makes sense now more than ever to go green. The commitment to reducing waste, cutting energy consumption and utilizing new and efficient technologies will not only help the environment but makes good business sense. As we continue to discover, going green does improve the bottom line and implementation is easier than you think.

What is VM3 Environmental doing to save energy and reduce waste? Take a look below!


  • All office paper is minimum 10% post-consumer recycled material.
  • Printed, non-essential, paper is stored for latter re-use before being recycled.
  • 100% of all paper products are shredded and recycled.
  • 100% of cans and bottles are recycled.
  • Batteries from equipment are recycled through local drop off program.
  • Electronic waste (computers, monitors, etc.) are recycled through local drop off program.
  • 100% of all laser ink toners are recycled.
  • Compost bin utilized at San Diego Office.

Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Office lighting is provided by high-efficiency fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Hybrid vehicle utilized for travel to and from inspections. Los Angeles, Honda Civic Hybrid. San Diego, Toyota Prius

Use local and green products when possible

  • Mold inspection reports are delivered via email in Adobe PDF format. Printed hard copies are available at the client’s request
  • Utilization of mobile computing sources and web software for meetings and other online collaborations
  • Electronic invoicing system
  • Electronic archiving and backup to reduce paper files and storage media
  • Electronic/online fax system
  • LED model flashlights for all inspectors, a more efficient and longer lasting product than previous incandescent models


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