Lead Paint Inspection

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Our lead based paint inspections, risks assessments and clearance inspections have a proven track record to be comprehensive and performed promptly from the scheduled home visit appointment to the delivery of your report.

Striving to serve you in a courteous and professional manner, we are adamant in conducting all of our services with the care and concern as if it were our own home. The following points are provided as a guide to aid in the selection of the appropriate service for your specific situation. Or let us make your life easy and give us a call today!

Lead Based Paint Inspection

A lead based paint inspection is a surface by surface investigation that determines the presence of lead based paint. In some cases sampling for lead in dust and/or soil may be conducted. Results are clearly explained to the client in a report format.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is an on-site investigation of a structure for the presence of lead hazards. Risk assessments include investigating the age, history, maintenance and management of the structure. Environmental sampling such as dust wipes, soil samples and deteriorated paint chips can be collected. Results indicating acceptable abatement and interim controls will be provided in a report format.

Clearance Inspections

A clearance inspection is an environmental evaluation, conducted according to the U.S Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) guidelines, to determine if lead hazard work performed was completed successfully and if the area is safe for unprotected workers to enter and safe for children and residents to live.

Lead base paint inspectors / risk assessors must be certified or licensed to conduct lead base paint inspection in targeted housing or child occupied facilities.

In the State of California, pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 105254. (a) The following persons engaged in the following types of lead construction work shall have a certificate: (1) Persons who receive pay for doing lead hazard evaluations, including, but not limited to, lead inspections, lead risk assessments, or lead clearance inspections, in residential or public buildings.


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Lead 101

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