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We offer our full breadth of services to the commercial sector, from contractors to real estate professionals! Both our logistics and field staff are well trained to seamlessly integrate onto a plethora of job-sites. Below you will find some of the sectors we typically serve.


  • Demolition, Remodel, Renovation, Retrofit
  • Fire, Water Intrusion , other hazards
  • Phase I & II Support

Retail & Office Space

  • Employee complaints, avoid lawsuits
  • Water Intrusion, odors, sewage-loss
  • Renovation, remodel

Multi-Unit & Property Management

  • Sale, Purchase, Transfer
  • Make an informed decision, know what you’re getting into
  • Increase your ROI
  • Tenant Concerns
  • Odor
  • Water Instrusion
  • Insurance Claims

Environmental Consultants

  • Supplement to Initial Inspections (IS)
  • Supplement to Environmental Impact Reports (EIR)
  • Brownfields