No   Remediation
No   Conflict

We are strictly a mold inspection and sampling company only and do not perform and type of mold removal or remediation work. Companies who perform both testing and remediation on the same project are doing so in clear conflict.

At VM3 Environmental we provide honest assessments of our clients properties and do not financially gain if mold is found.

Toxic Molds?

Certain types of mold, such as Stachybotrys chartarum, can produce toxic compounds, called mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are not produced in every case and diverse factors such as the temperature and humidity levels contribute to their production. It is not until Stachybotrys mold actually dies and dries up that disturbing its environment can cause the spores to become airborne.

Useful links

More information about Toxic Molds from the CDC. [...]
California's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch [...]
Official web site of the EPA [...]
California Department of Consumer Affairs - Landlord / Tenant Handbook [...]

Our   Services


Full inspections, limited inspections, air sampling, wall cavity checks and surface sampling via swab and tape lift.

Lead Paint

Lead paint inspections, risk assessments, clearance inspections and lab testing of paint chips, soil and water.


Dust collection for Cat, Dog, Cockroach, Dust Mites, Mouse and Rat allergens.


Sewage contamination testing and post clearance services. Fecal Coliform, E Coli P/A.

What   our   clients   are   saying

"Had Ryan come out to do the Lead testing and mold inspection. Ryan is a great guy to work with and demonstrates professionalism. When you ask a question in person or over the phone, he will slow down and take time to answer all your questions. This is the kind of inspector I like to work with, who really takes time to address all my concerns. I highly recommend Ryan, especially if you are in the process of buying a new home. I made the mistake of doing the mold inspection after I purchased the home, should have done it earlier.

He started off with lead testing using a XRF gun for my child's room. He scanned all four walls, all four crown moulding, and all four base boards, then door and jambs. Then he did the same thing for the mini walk-in closet in that room.

Then he did a visual inspection for mold along with a moisture meter from my garage to all rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. He checked for areas that people tend to miss under the sink, which is the wall behind the bottom drawer next to the sink. Sure enough he found some water damages behind the bottom drawer. Then he also found some moisture under the toilet seat. He went up to my attics for a quick look, then I made a special request to check my crawl space because of potential mold issue. In there, he also found some past water damage under another toilet.

At the end, I have decided to do 4 air test samples. Everything came back negative, it just gives us a peace of mind. Keep up the good work Ryan."

- John Y, Torrance CA

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